Tenity and Copenhagen Fintech Launch Pre-Seed Nordic and Baltic Fintech Startups Accelerator

Tenity and Copenhagen Fintech Launch Pre-Seed Nordic and Baltic Fintech Startups Accelerator

by April 17, 2024

Switzerland based Tenity in collaboration with Copenhagen Fintech announce the launch of the “New Nordic Challengers” program.

This pre-seed fintech program is designed to propel Nordic and Baltic Fintech startups onto the global stage, offering opportunities for growth and innovation in the financial services sector.

Empowering the Next Generation of Fintech Innovators

The “New Nordic Challengers” program is crafted to support and accelerate the growth of early-stage fintech companies from the Nordic and Baltic regions. By providing participants with EUR 50k pre-seed capital and a potential follow-on investment of up to EUR 250k, as well as access to a platform for scaling, the program aims to foster the development of innovative financial solutions with the potential to transform the global financial services landscape.

The selected startups will benefit from four intense masterclass weeks running from the end of August until the first week of December 2024, culminating in a public demo day. The program covers a wide variety of topics such as value proposition, prototyping, fundraising & structure, marketing & sales, as well as product-market-fit and pitch training.

Beyond the masterclasses, participants will benefit from access to a vast network of industry professionals, financial services partners, tech companies, investors, and an extensive pool of mentors and seasoned fintech founders.

The program is now accepting applications until the 20th of May 2024.

Andreas Iten

Andreas Iten

“By uniting the strengths of Tenity’s global innovation ecosystem and its hub in Tallinn, with Copenhagen Fintech’s deep commitment to nurturing fintech excellence in the Nordic region, we are setting the stage for a new era of financial innovation,”

says Andreas Iten, CEO & Managing Partner of Tenity.

“The ‘New Nordic Challengers’ program is more than just an accelerator; it’s a launchpad for the fintech pioneers of tomorrow.”

Thomas Krogh Jensen

Thomas Krogh Jensen

Thomas Krogh Jensen, CEO Copenhagen Fintech, added,

“Our mission has always been to spotlight the Nordic region as a beacon of fintech innovation. Through this collaboration with Tenity, we are excited to offer startups not just capital, but a comprehensive support system designed to propel them to global success.”




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