Fintech Estonia Startups: Listing

Estonia Fintech Startup Map 2020




Pocopay provides a current account application for Millennials and the tech-savvy population, allowing customers to open bank accounts in several European countries in a matter of minutes.



BitOfProperty is a blockchain based real estate crowdinvestment platform,making property investing affordable and increasing liquidity of the investments. The company is headquartered in Singapore and has a subsidiary inEstonia.


Black is a digital insurance company on blockchain. Our platform connects insurance brokers directly with capital enabling them to launch their own virtual insurance companies. Thus removing the trusted third parties (Insurance Companies) from the value chain.


blockhive collaborates with partners and develops blockchain strategy and technology solutions with them. Its four main businesses include a digital wallet, a cryptocurrency mining facility, a venture capital fund that invests in blockchain projects, and a new crowdfunding solution built based on ethereum.


Bondkick – blockchain investment funds manager and syndicated capital distributor. We help businesses access global funding via distributing equity and assets on blockchain as tokenised asset offering. No expensive proprietary utility tokens, we apply Ethereum for regulatory compliant market making.


Bytebot aims to create a professional, full-featured trading platform that will be simple to use and master. Traders should be able to execute their trading strategy without a steep learning curve. We believe trading should be accessible to anyone and feel that the tools we make will turn that dream into reality. These tools are very simple to use and boast high reliability owing to over a year of extensive development and updates.


Change is an all-in-one application for personal finance combining a multi-currency wallet, globally accepted payment card, and a financial services marketplace. Our mission is to make money simple – we believe everyone, everywhere should have the power to easily manage their own finances.


The Citowise wallet is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet for private and business customers which empowers users to access mainstream adoption and use of cryptocurrencies globally.


A one-of-a-kind financial exchange ecosystem that will drive the future of blockchain innovation. The core of the planned CoinMetro Platform is a robust internal matching engine built by a team with actual experience in building… get ready for it… matching engines; having already built, tested, and released similar applications with our sister company, FXPIG. We will also build out 7 other services giving novices, crypto enthusiasts, traders, investors, and entrepreneurs the tools needed to take advantage of everything the crypto space has to offer.


CoinLoan is a P2P lending platform for cryptoassets backed loans.



CapOne Research Limited

CapOne is an Estonia based Fintech startup developing Blockchain Financial Solutions to change the way traditional cross border businesses and individual deal with funds and payments.


Gate ATM

GATEATM – ATM’s for instant purchase of cryptocurrencies


LEXIT is an all-in-one marketplace for entrepreneurs and M&A professionals offering deal sourcing, negotiations, and data room services.


Mothership is a blockchain startup building a cryptocurrency and digital assets exchange. In June 2017, Mothership held a successful token sale and since then, is expanding fast and shipping early products.



Funderbeam is a cross-border, transparent, easy-to-use platform for funding and trading connects smart companies with smart capital.


Piixpay is like a bank for crypto currency – make everyday transactions with crypto coins like paying bills or sending money to your family.


Polybius is investing in building currency-agnostic ecosystems so that you can manage your assets in the most easiest, transparent, safe, and convenient way possible. Polybius created OSOM Finance which is an app that makes managing assets easy. Everything can be viewed, moved or changed at the touch of a button. OSOM is the only app our customers need to stay on top of their assets.


SupplierPlus is blockchain based cloud-enabled debtor-led supply chain financing solution created by Estonian FinTech company Inwise OÜ, which is specialized on large companies supply chain financing solutions.



SAYV is a community that connects small to medium sized companies, customers and employees in the consumer foodservice industry, targeting sustainable thinking and minimising the impact to our resources.



Crowdestate is a real estate crowdfunding marketplace offering high-quality, pre-vetted real estate, business, and mortgage loan investment opportunities.


A crowd investment platform used by small to medium businesses in the CEE region. It is a meeting place for campaigners and investors. Only private or public limited liability company in Estonia can create campaigns on the platform. It has partnerships with Swedbank, Deloitte, Glimstedt, EstBAN and FinanceEstonia.


The crowdfunding platform Hooandja started in 2012 and has grown to the biggest crowdfunding platforms of civil society in Estonia. The mission of the Hooandja platform is to help of getting funding for activities and projects of CSO-s or creative businesses trough the platform. In addition of getting financial support there is also an option to get volunteers or other resources for your project.


Inwise is a factoring platform, where companies can sell their receivable invoices at the auction to investors with the highest bid. By investing in these invoices investors will obtain via Inwise new short-term investment instruments with a low risk and good return.



COMPLY.TO is a one-stop shop cloud service to ensure privacy compliance, both legal and system wise.


DataMe gives you an opportunity to compare your credit terms with those of others like you. They make it faster to get credit for you and provide an opportunity for more favourable offers and credit terms.


MindTitan believes that data science isn’t just a “nice-to-have” innovation. They believe that it is a must-have for any company looking to stay competitive within the next ten years. MindTitan focuses on solving business problems by optimizing key partners.MindTitan has been a partner for setting up the Al strategy for Nordic banks.


Scoriff protects businesses against credit losses and late payments



BASIS ID brand was built in effort to give companies a tool to speed up operational processes, provide ultimate security and to form trustworthy relationships through compliance with regulatory requirements.


E-Residency is a transnational digital identity that anyone in the world can apply for to obtain access to a platform built on inclusion, legitimacy and transparency. E-residents then have access to the EU business environment and can use public e-services through their digital identity.


Messente provides global messaging connectivity, user verification, and two-factor authentication services to organizations. Messente’s smart messaging API focuses on business-critica l global communication, via SMS and global OTT messaging platforms (Viber, WhatsApp). The two-factor authentication toolkit includes an APIthat handle both SMS-delivered PIN codes and time-based one-time pass1,.vords, and an authentication mobile app, called Verigator.


SK specializes In international e-identity solutions. We provide cutting-edge certified trust services that meet the highest European standards. They partner with the Estonian state in issuing certificates for national identity documents. They enable the citizens of different countries to log in to e-services and give electronic signatures. In Estonia, SK caters to over 600 organizations. Their services use over a two million end-users in the Baltics.


Veriff provides an online identity verification solution for financial institutions. The solution can be used for onboarding clients and fraud prevention. The company uses video verification and captures and verifies document data across different registers.



Cachet is a usage-based insurance platform and a wallet for the gig economy service providers.


Insly which originally started as a spin-off of the IIZI Group takes a cloud-based system and turns it into a service for insurance agents and brokers. This simplifies their sales process, business administration and reporting.

INZMO is an advanced insurance platform creating value and enhancing the experience of insuring for all parties involved in all key stages. They help insurers to become digital; corporates to increase their value proposition with insurance; and customers to enjoy instant experience in managing their insurance.



askRobin is a credit marketplace for underbanked customers in emerging markets. They are working hard to help those underserved customer groups to gain better access to formal credit products, compare and choose the best option and save their money. It’s their mission to help people improve their financial profile, provide them with the best advice and lower the cost of borrowing.


Bondora is a P2P lending platform for unsecured personal loans. The platform claims to have 9000+ investors from 37 countries and 100,000 borrowers in 3 countries.


Creditstar uses technology, automated processes, algorithms and data analysis to make their credit products easily available to hundreds of thousands of customers in 8 countries in Europe.


EstateGuru is a P2P platform designed to facilitate loans process to real estate developers & companies. They connect businesses with lenders, enabling them to raise the necessary capital to finance their projects or to borrow against existing properties. At the same time, investors can earn 10-12% annual returns by investing in property-backed loans. Only companies registered in and with a bank account in Estonia can currently borrow through EstateGuru. Only if the listed loan is fully funded, the pledge will be created and the loan will be paid out to borrower. In case the loan do not get funded, the contracts will end instantly and all the invested funds will be released to investors accounts.


FIIZY is a financing app that helps you buy what you need right now. The money you need will be yours in minutes. We handle your application and connect you with multiple creditors, offering you the best tailor-made financing options on the market.


Investly is a P2P invoice financing platform. The companies should have stable cash flows and be operating for at least 2 years in order to raise money on the platform. It also offers P2P factoring services where business can sell their outstanding invoices and investors bid in an auction to purchase those invoices.


Monefit belongs to the Creditstar Group, a leading financial technology company. It uses automated processes, algorithms and data analysis in order to offer innovative solutions to its clients. Monefit is a credit line with flexible repayment options whose payment obligations are based on minimal monthly payments. The credit limit used by the client is released after each repaid instalment. In Monefit, we value product development and novelty. We offer solutions that are convenient to use for our clients, utilising the latest trends in the field of technology, and constantly researching opportunities in order to further develop our services.


Monestro P2P OÜ is an innovative crowdfunding company offering borrowers a simple and friendly way to borrow money at competitive rates based on their personal risk level.

OMARAHAOmaraha is an Estonian p2p lending company that offers secured and partially secured loans from Estonia, Finland and Slovakia.



EveryPay offers a payment gateway platform for acquiring service providers giving them access to state-of-the-art and continuously improving digital payment solutions with all the relevant tools to manage the acquiring side of eCommerce. For banks’ merchants, the platform provides a variety of necessary features enabling them to grow and scale by utilising world-class online payment solutions. They help their partners to be more agile and competitive.


Fortumo is an international mobile payment provider through mobile operator billing. The company offers various mobile payment solutions for web services and mobile applications. Fortumo services allow customers to make mobile payments in 78 countries. Enables app and game developers to monetize their users through mobile operator billing. Also provides the Developer API for advanced integrations and white-labelling, giving developers full control over the payment flow and user experience.


Paytailor is a mobile payment application provided to the merchants to accept point of sale payments leveraging carrier billing. Paytailor provides an app to the merchant that initiates the transactions. Merchant enters the required amount and shows a payment number, to which the payer give a call and hence completes the payment process. Carrier billing of 0.4€ is charged from the payer, which includes carrier fee of 32 cents and 8 cents of Paytailor payment fee. The merchant is charged 10€-19€ on a monthly basis for the application. The company has partnered with Fortumo, a carrier billing service provider.


BUDGET.TO is an innovative budget management tool to help businesses who struggle with financial management save time and gain real-time control of their finances. will provide you with a quick and concise overview of your construction or investment projects by placing all invoices and contracts into a secure cloud-based system accessible from anywhere. The platform helps you to regain control over your projects, instead of letting your projects control you.


BudgetMatador is an invoice & cash management app that helps small businesses handle invoices, payments, and cash flows in one place. Pre-integrations to key banks and accounting tools enable automatic data input and real-time overviews of your financial performance.


Costpocket is the world’s easiest app which helps you to collect, digitalize, sort, archive and send your receipts to accounting software.


Envoice offers a cloud based real-time economy interface that syncs with your accounting software. Our users are SMEs and corporations that are looking for more functionalities than their current software provides.



Hüpoteeklaen AS offers loans secured by real estate. Mortgage loans are created by people with a long and thorough real estate and banking background who believe that real estate is a valuable asset in any economic environment and that real estate is an investment.


Montonio is a financing solution for merchants which improves conversion rates by finding customers fitting lenders.



MyF is your smart financier who will help you analyze your cash flows and give an overview of your asset allocation.


PUNK Finance provides financial services that meet the changing needs of the customers in all walks of life.


Rephop is an online solution for financial planning, consolidation and reporting.


VeeRa is a startup established in 2016 that offers cloud-based financial planning and budget monitoring software for municipalities, organizations in the public sector and larger enterprises. Existing accounting softwares which are commonly used do not provide easy and understandable solutions when it comes to budgeting. VeeRa is an excellent and convenient tool for creating budgets and monitoring them.



Quppy is a licensed payment solution within one App for managing your traditional (EUR, GBP) and digital assets.



Bankish is a deposit and loan administration platform for professional credit providers. It was built by a team who has extensive experience and a strong background in international finance (Nasdaq, Nordea, Swedbank, IMF, Cooppank) and IT (Hewlett Packard, Tieto). The system is safe and reliable because it has been tested against GDPR by an independent auditor and is used by companies under the supervision of EU financial supervision agencies.


Accounting software for business owners and accountants


Fairown Finance is enabling subscription for physical products and related services via financing. This has been a hot topic by big players in fintech for a few years now and it is becoming a reality thanks to guys like Fairown. This enables consumer electronics brands to increase sales and become environmentally friendly at the same time – your TV isn’t really dead when the new model comes out, pay until you use it and then let someone else have a go.


Fitek is a financial process automation solutions and services provider for enterprises and public sector. The company operates in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Slovakia. Fitek is founded in 1995. The company’s services cover most of financial process, from purchase invoice management and document workflow to complex sales invoice solutions. Fitek lowers the costs of customers by optimizing and accelerating the financial processes. The company serves more than 1000 customers in Baltic states, Nordic, and Central European countries. The customers are leading banks and telecoms, public sector institutions, and companies from other industries. There are more than 130 qualified professionals working in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius and Bratislava sites. Its solutions help customers to save up to 5 times of the resources dedicated to the financial processes.


Icefire designs and builds transformative technologies for banks and fintech companies. Icefire simplifies and automates complicated processes, replacing tedium with meaningful work fit for humans.


Ignite creates software systems that take your business forward. Software design, analysis, architecture and development, focusing on your system’s sustainability and growth.


LifeUp is a European FinTech company that builds the technological basis your business needs to run smoothly.


Modularbank is a banking-as-a-service platform built by established fintech powerhouse lcefire. It’s based on decades of experience in financial services and banking industry. lcefire’s clients include Ferratum Group, Volkswagen Financial Services, OP Financial Group and numerous other Nordic and Baltic banks. With Modularbank they’ve raised their game and can now serve their clients with the most aggressive timelines possible.


Founded by ex-Skype employees and serial entrepreneurs, Mooncascade is the regional market leader in product development. Our team of nearly 100 specialists have built over 200 products from the ground up so we know the struggles and time pressures of starting something new very well. They’ve helped companies like Wise, Monese and Twine bring their products to market and grow exponentially.


Pocosys is enabling any business offer banking services like cards and payments. They are a company with clients from all over the globe – some of them have been from Japan, Ghana and the UK.


RingIT are the No1 IT partner in Estonia for the transformation from Finance To FinTech. They’re helping their partners disrupt the way financial institutions operate today. This unique knowledge of both fields allows them roll out new products and features with ease and in a cost-efficient way with their partners. Changing the scene of our FinTech field daily.


Wallester is a licensed payment service provider specializing in offering all-in-one white label card issuing, processing and payment transaction solutions. Our innovative SaaS ecosystem offers the best in class speed to market, flexible pay as you grow pricing model and requisite compliance maintenance and infrastructure support.



Point of Sale Systems for restaurants, pubs, shops, sports clubs – CompuCash


POS software for your diner


PayTipTop is a standalone, colorful, tap-to-pay terminal that works with contactless bank-cards and makes single-price payments seamless, extremely fast, and delightful. PayTipTop is crafted for diners and charities that receive thousands of same amount of payments. They lose in speed and revenue because people use less cash. PayTipTop can also trigger actions automatically like open the museum doors or toilet gates. Unlike other solutions, your users do not need to download any apps.



TransferFast is an inter-bank money transfer service reducing the time and charges of wire transfer. It has brought various banks under its umbrella and in back end works like intra-bank transfer, where in the money is moved inside the bank from sender and beneficiary from & to TransferFast account’s. The transaction fee is 2 euros plus 2% from the transaction amount while to the amount that exceeds 1000 euros only 0.5% of the transaction amount is applied.



WiseWise is a money transfer service allowing private individuals and businesses to send money abroad without hidden charges. Wise lets expats, foreign students and businesses move money globally. The firm’s pricing and operating model are a substantial departure from standard practice in the money transfer sector, providing customers with a lower-cost alternative to traditional means of moving money internationally.



Finora Capital is an Estonian capital based company that wishes to offer to its clients flexible and favourable financing opportunities. We are not competing with retail banks and don’t want to be associated with fast credit companies.

INVESTORITELIIT OÜ is an entity aiming to facilitate and extend the realm of the sector that provides finances for enterprises. They bring together the small-scale investor and the capital-seeking project.


IPOhub is a complete platform for stock exchange investments, a stock exchange aggregator website and a metasearch engine for stock issuance offers and related information from around the world.



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