Swaps Enables Crypto Real Estate Transactions with Kurg&Korsten

Swaps Enables Crypto Real Estate Transactions with Kurg&Korsten

by April 17, 2024

Swaps, a company specializing in crypto-fiat payments, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with premier Estonian real estate agency Kurg&Korsten.

This collaboration enables the first-ever direct crypto payments for real estate transactions, marking a significant advancement in financial technology applications within the property market.

Innovative Crypto Payment Integration by Swaps

Swaps, renowned for its secure and efficient crypto-fiat conversion services, brings its expertise to the real estate sector, facilitating transactions in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and others. This move addresses the increasing demand for flexible payment solutions in real estate, offering clients an alternative to traditional payment methods.

The Partnership’s Core

The synergy between Swaps’ technological capabilities and Kurg&Korsten’s real estate acumen creates a seamless crypto payment process. Swaps’ integration allows for real-time transaction processing via its proprietary API, providing both parties with instant, secure, and transparent payment handling. This innovation not only enhances client experience by offering diverse payment options but also streamlines financial operations for Kurg&Korsten.

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Efficient Implementation and Technical Support

The implementation of Swaps’ payment gateway into Kurg&Korsten’s operations was completed within a week, underscoring Swaps’ commitment to efficiency and user-friendly solutions. The process was facilitated by close collaboration between the companies, with Swaps providing comprehensive technical support and detailed documentation to ensure a smooth transition.

Strategic Benefits and Market Impact

This partnership allows Kurg&Korsten to access a wider customer base, including crypto investors and enthusiasts, while enabling Swaps to extend its payment solutions to the real estate industry. It significantly simplifies the transaction process, reducing the time and costs associated with currency exchange and banking fees. Furthermore, this collaboration demonstrates the practical application of cryptocurrency in high-value transactions, setting a precedent for digital payment innovation in traditionally conservative sectors.

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The Swaps and Kurg&Korsten partnership is a pivotal development in the real estate and fintech sectors, showcasing the potential of cryptocurrency to streamline and diversify payment options in real estate transactions. As the industry evolves, Swaps continues to lead in the integration of digital currency payments, facilitating broader acceptance and use of cryptocurrencies in everyday transactions.


Featured image credit: Edited from freepik