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In Europe, Nordic Countries Have the Most Advanced Open Banking Ecosystems

In Europe, the Nordic countries of Sweden, Denmark and Norway have the most advanced open banking ecosystems. Trailblazing regional regulatory regimes, highly developed digital infrastructures, and a pan-Nordic collaborative approach have enabled these countries to take the lead over the

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Nordic Countries Emerge as Front-Runners in Open Banking Adoption

The Nordic countries are placing themselves at the forefront of the open banking movement. In Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, traditional financial institutions and fintechs are rapidly embracing the trend which they perceive as a major opportunity for their businesses,

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Baltic Banks Embrace Open Banking

In the Baltic region, banks are embracing open banking with most of the major ones giving third-party providers regulated access to account information through developer portals. Data from Latvian open banking startup Nordigen and Openbankingtracker.com suggest that at least 11

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