Revolut Bank Launches in Lithuania

Revolut Bank Launches in Lithuania

by May 6, 2020

Four years ago, Revolut set out to build a new kind of bank. The kind of bank that solves your problems and treats you fairly. And starting today, Revolut takes the first step as they launch Revolut Bank to their 300,000 customers in Lithuania.

Upgrade to the bank in minutes

Lithuanian customers upgrade to Revolut Bank in a matter of minutes. Simply update to the latest version of the app, and follow the instructions from the news banner on the main app screen. The whole process should only take a few minutes.

Deposit protection up to €100,000

Lithuanian customers who upgrade to Revolut Bank will have their deposits protected (salary, for example) up to €100,000 by the Lithuanian State Company Deposit and Investment Insurance.

Credit products are coming soon

In the coming months, Revolut will be launching consumer loans and credit cards in Lithuania. They are keeping the details on the low right now.

Do I need to upgrade to the bank?

No, but not doing so will mean that the money you hold in your account will not be protected up to €100,000. Equally, our future credit products will only be available to our bank customers.

Launching Revolut Bank in other markets

Revolut will be launching Revolut Bank in other Central and Eastern European markets later in the year

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