Estonian Startup Help: Raise €250K Or More

Estonian Startup Help: Raise €250K Or More

by April 3, 2020

The emergency situation, remote working, the aim of avoiding physical contacts are making companies to adapt their products and services to the current situation. Estonian startup sector has responded fast and vigorously to the changing socioeconomic situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, offering many innovative solutions to keep life and business going worldwide.

Estonian Investment Agency (Invest Estonia) has a team around the world that can help to track down suitable VC’s and bring you all together.

Raido Lember

Raido Lember

“We want to support Estonian startups during the crisis and help them bring in new investments that exceed 250,000€. So, Estonian startup, if you are looking for a new investment, please let us know,”

said Raido Lember, Director of Estonian Investment Agency.

“In order to support you, please let us know of yourself by filling in a brief questionnaire here.”

“It should not be taken as a promise that everyone who signs up for the application will find a perfect match with a VC.”

Lember noted.

“However, we will do everything we can to use our new and existing foreign investor contacts around the world to support the Estonian startups that have contacted us. The startups that are providing relief to current crisis will definitely get an extra attention. Magic lies in cooperation, so let’s work together and find some rocket fuel for your startup,”

Lember added.

The deadline for completing the questionnaire is April 10.

As the New York Times recently estimated that some countries might have a competitive edge in their way out the Covid-19 situation. Estonia among them due to the digital society, startup ecosystem, and agile business and government partnerships. The current initiative of Invest Estonia is aimed at implementing the good ideas of Estonian startups.

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