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Fintech Lithuania Market Insights: Fewer Investments, but We Will Strengthen Competitiveness

The financial technology sector in Lithuania continues to develop. There is a steady increase in the number of people employed, the turnover of companies, and more taxes are being paid. However, it is predicted that in the background of global

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At Money 20/20 Conference – Never Before Seen Gathering of Lithuania’s Fintech Community

On 7–9 June, Europe’s largest Fintech conference will bring together the world’s most successful Fintech representatives and investors. This time they will be joined by a large team from Lithuania. For the first time, “Money 20/20” will mobilise and co-present

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Examining the Lithuanian Fintech Space and What the Future Holds for 2021

The financial technology sector has faced multiple challenges in the last year. Like many other industries worldwide, the finance sector lost its workforce, and many businesses had to close down. But inefficiencies bring new opportunities, leading the way for fintech

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