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10 Hottest Fintech Startups in the Baltic States

Despite being a relatively small market compared to its other European counterparts, the Baltic region is quickly surging ahead in the global fintech race. It was once hailed by the World Economic Forum as one of the most innovative region

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Fintech Baltic Officially Launched – Latest News Fintech News from Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia

The Baltic States, namely Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, are an exciting place to be for financial services companies and fintech startups. The region is quickly becoming a prominent hub for fintech companies, and is home to not only successful ventures

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Latvia Pushes Fintech Innovation

Latvia is home to a nascent but rapidly growing startup scene. Though still trying to catch-up with neighboring Estonia, which benefited from the early successes of the likes of Skype and TransferWise, the country is starting to build a reputation

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