The 9 Hottest Fintech, Insurtech and Proptech Startups in Finland

The 9 Hottest Fintech, Insurtech and Proptech Startups in Finland

by September 19, 2019

Over the past years, Finland’s fintech industry has been growing rapidly. Today, the nation is home to roughly 160 fintech companies covering a wide range of areas including payments, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, insurance, security and compliance, APIs and platforms, data and analytics, investing, wealth management, and more, according to data from Helsinki Fintech.

Startup100, a platform that tracks startup companies’ online marketing activities and performance, has released the latest edition of its top 100 Finnish startups list, among which, nine fintech, insurtech and proptech startups.

The following companies are the nine fintech, insurtech and proptech startups that made the list and their rank:


  1. Rentle


Founded in 2014, Rentle is a software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based platform designed for companies providing end customers with rentals and other transactions of goods or services.

Rentle enables companies to integrate their rentals with a unique contracting and deposit mechanism for secure transactions and risk management.

Rentle’s digital rental contract is dynamic meaning it always takes shape according to the situation and rental product. It is easily available when needed, and is safely stored as long as you need.

This year, Rentle plans to launch an all-in-one payment solution and point of sales system that would allow rental companies to accept payments online and in-store, take deposits, enable time-based pricing, and much more.


  1. Siru Mobile

Siru Mobile

Founded in 2011, Siru Mobile operates a mobile payments platform in Finland aimed at providing customers with an easy and convenient solutions to purchase products and services with their mobile phones. Siru Mobile currently works in Finland, Sweden and the UK.

Siru Mobile’s payment method works in-browser and doesn’t require to download an app. The company is currently beta testing an e-wallet service it has developed called Siru Wallet.

The company is headquartered in Helsinki with local offers in three other countries.


  1. Groundfunding


Founded in 2016, Groundfunding claims to be Finland’s first real estate crowdfunding service. The Groundfunding platform connects investors looking to put their money at work with developers and property owners looking for funding, either for new construction projects or renovation.

The company acts as a financial intermediary between investors and borrowers. It provides investors with an easy and productive way to invest and a convenient alternative financing channel for developers seeking financing.


  1. Wellmo


Wellmo is a cloud-based mobile platform that allows insurers to select the best apps and services on the market, and integrate them into a unified user experience. By deploying Wellmo, insurance companies are able to offer differentiated, effective, engaging and scalable health services through mobile health, improving the wellbeing of their members and reducing healthcare costs.

Wellmo was founded in 2012 as a Nokia spin-off and is headquartered in Espoo.


  1. Selma Finance


Selma Finance is a personal digital investment advisor. The platform harnesses data, algorithms, and trading automation to bring personalized investment banking to the masses, and allows users to start investing with as little as CHF 2,000.

Selma Finance is a Swiss-Finnish company founded in 2016. The company is regulated since the beginning of 2017 as an independent asset manager in Switzerland. It has offices in Arth, Switzerland, and Helsinki, Finland.


  1. Blok


Blok is a proptech startup that automates home sales, making the process of selling an apartment easy and affordable. In Blok’s service model the home-owner takes care of the house showing themselves, while Blok takes care of everything else: photography, marketing and all the necessary paperwork.

The company’s platform enables buyers to make bids for apartments electronically. It also automates nearly all routine tasks making the whole process extremely cost-efficient.

Blok’s service includes a seasoned and licensed real estate broker, photography and virtual viewing, advertising of the apartment, brochures and documents, support during the bidding stage, and official sales contract.



Founded in 2012, is a leading invoicing service platform for self-employed and freelance professionals in Finland.

The platform, provided by SLP Groupin, allows for easy invoicing and less bureaucracy and paperwork. takes care of all the bureaucracy for clients including VAT, pension payments, security security payments, etc. claims more than 65,000 users in Finland, and recorded EUR 85 million in net sales in 2018.


  1. Arex


Founded in 2014, Arex is a data-driven fintech company aiming to bridge capital market liquidity and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) cashflow needs.

The company’s first product is an automated receivables exchange platform where SME invoices are converted into a tradable asset class called Exchange Traded Receivables (ETRs). ETRs are then sold on an open market, which can then be purchased by one of multiple investors using automated trading bots.


  1. Fellow Finance

Fellow Finance

Founded in 2013, Fellow Finance claims to be the largest crowdfunding and peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform in Northern Europe in terms of intermediated capital.

The digital lending platform allows companies and and consumers to apply financing directly from lenders at market-based pricing.

Fellow Finance says it is the only crowdfunding service in the eurozone that provides the possibility to invest in both consumers and business loans via the same platform. It claims 142 users in Europe.



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