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    Idea Garage Open Banking


    Idea Garage Open BankingJoin Open Banking idea garage and disrupt the current logic of offered digital banking services by creating a new realm of actually needed functionalities. Come and join us with your skills and ideas as they will become the next generation of banking services or products, which will elaborate on the way we deal with finances. We will be setting up teams of developers, designers, business minds and banking experts to efficiently work on the ideas, which shape and model banking towards your needs. The day will be guided and led by top-notch Mooncascade mentors and Luminor banking gurus, all to validate your idea over the course of an intensive day.

    You can also go back to the roots of banking and elevate from there as Luminor is opening up their API’s for your Open Banking adventure. For the best experience, we are providing catering during the day and finally, all of your ideas can win prizes so you can develop them even further! Join and revamp the world of Open Banking! The idea garage will be held in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius on 3 consecutive days

    20th of May in Tallinn

    21st of May in Riga 

    22nd May in Vilnius

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