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    Fintech Inn 2021

    FINTECH INN 2021

    Fintech industry is taking the traditional finance system by storm, and we pride ourselves to be right in the middle of it! The epicentre is here in Vilnius, Lithuania, where the largest and most significant two-day international event Fintech Inn 2021 is taking place. The conference gathers companies, start-ups, investors, associations, policymakers, and technology leaders from all over the globe to exchange knowledge and discuss the most challenging industry topics today: digital banking, payments and remittance, lending, insurtech, compliance, digital identity, cybersecurity, blockchain, digital assets, and more.

    When? 28-29 April 2021

    Where? Vilnius, Lithuania – one of the most desirable European locations for Fintech, with a dedicated sandbox for developing innovative solutions in the sector.

    Why should you attend? Here you will connect with all relevant industry leaders, who are gathering here to transform the spinning energy of innovation chaos into the spirit of harmony.


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