4 Companies to Know in Denmark’s Booming Fintech Sector

The Danish fintech startup scene has grown significantly over the last few years, rising from only 70 fintech companies in 2015 to more than 250 in 2021, according to numbers from industry trade group Copenhagen Fintech. In 2020, Danish fintechs

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UN Agencies Partners With Denmark to Leverage on Singapore’s Fintech Hub

Multiple UN agencies have joined hands with Copenhagen Fintech to bring Nordic fintech startups to Singapore to promote the exchange of innovation. The agencies involved are UNDP’s Global Center for Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development in Singapore, UNDP’s Nordic Office and

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Fintech Infographic of the Week: Denmark’s Fintech Startup Scene

In recent years, the Danish fintech sector has experienced significant growth, facilitated by a highly educated and digitally literate population, the support of specific government policies aimed at promoting financial innovation, and the development of Copenhagen as an international fintech

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