Vying for International Fintech Startups, Lithunia Launches Regulatory Sandbox

Taking advantage of the Brexit fallout, Lithunia has been seen to be aggressive in positioning itself as a fintech friendly destination in Europe. While it is not the first country that comes to mind as the next-in-line as a fintech

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Bank of Lithuania – Winner of Central Banking’s First Catalyst Award

The Bank of Lithuania has been selected as the winner of the first Catalyst Award in the FinTech & RegTech Global Awards 2018 organised by Central Banking. The award was given and the Bank of Lithuania’s activities in the field

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7 Reasons for Fintech Startups to Come to the Baltics

The Baltic States, which comprise Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, have recognized the prospects of fintech and are all looking to excel in digital finance. The region’s large startup community, supportive governments and favorable regulations have helped accelerate the growth of

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